Canapé Box Ltd. Events

The ‘Company’ means Canapé Box Ltd and all their sub-contractors and agents.


Terms and Conditions

Hire period – Commencement and delivery time and date to completion and removal time and date related to the movement

of all staff and equipment on and off site.

Quotation – table of costs as set out by the Company based on initial requirements from the client to include orders make vie

the Company website.

The conditions shall apply to all orders and contracts for the supply of food, equipment and staffing and canapé delivery as

well as any other item or items in the UK related to delivery and production of events by the Company and any authorized

agents as outlined in the quote to included any qualifications or variations.

The Company Undertakes

1. To deliver equipment, food, staff and other related items required in accordance to the level of service and time scale

outlined in quote.

2. To complete, remove and dismantle all equipment, staff and related refuse where applicable and/or outlined in quote on

completion of event as soon as reasonably practical after the period of use.

The Client undertakes.

1. To pay the non-refundable holding deposit approximately 10% of total quotation to confirm the booking. Pay 40% ‘stage 2’

deposit approximately 30 calendar days prior to the event.

2. To pay the remaining 50% allowing for cleared funds by the event date. Late payment charges will apply.

3. To make the Company aware of any notices and/or permit requirements as appropriate from local authorities for the use of

equipment supplied by the Company as indicated in quotation.

4. To make aware, in an effort of avoidance, local habitants and businesses of potential increased road traffic before and after

event date and to include noise warnings and to obtain relevant permits as applicable from local authorities.

5. To provide power points for the supply of equipment as outlined within quotation.

6. Not enter food preparation areas without being made aware of and understanding health and safety and food hygiene


7. To ensure complete seclusion of any animals or household pets from designated food preparation areas.

8. During the hire period to be responsible for the maintenance and safe custody of equipment and reimburse the Company

for any loss occasioned there to (fair ware and tare accepted) and excepting any damage covered by the insurance fee

providing the insurance cover has not been invalidated by any act of default of the client.

9. Not to use, examine or tamper with any equipment provided by the Company or its agents.

10. To understand breakages, loss and damaged hire items are the responsibility of the client. Replacements will be billed

directly to the client.

1l. The client will provide adequate facilities, appropriate floor space, electricity, fresh water and drainage for the installation of

a functioning event kitchen.

12. Client will provide adequate changing areas and restroom facilities for all on-site personnel required for delivery of the

event by the Company.



1. The Company will use its best endeavors to supply the client with the equipment and services ordered. Where this is not

possible the Company will notify the Client as soon as possible of any alterations to the delivery of event and relevant services

and designs and where, if the alterations are fundamental, the client may terminate their contract with any paid deposits


2. The client will provide open hard standing area as well event access for the delivery and collection of equipment by

commercial vehicles related to and required for delivery of the event. Prior warnings are required as to any known obstacles

and hazards that could hinder delivery of equipment, movement of commercial vehicles as well as any other aspect required

for setup, running and completion of event. Any unforeseen costs incurred within reason will be charged to the client.


Insurance is available and covers equipment, staff and public liability against; theft and vandalism, fire and explosion, storm

and tempest

Exclusions from insurance

1. Any equipment not provided by the Company or related directly to the Company for the delivery of services as outlined

within in the quotation.

2. Any subcontractor and or supplier of services who are unable to provide adequate HnS certificates and/or their own liability


3. Any breach of terms and conditions by the client and/or persons not related directly to The Company as stated herein.

4. Failure or report any incident including, loss or damage to property caused by fire, theft or vandalism immediately to the

local police authority within 24 hours or to the Company within 12 hours will negate the insurance policy.


1. Either party shall have the right to terminate the contract without penalty within 30 days from event date subject to written

confirmation of such termination being given by one party or the other within such period. In such an event the Company shall

repay the holding deposit less any costs notably menu tasting sessions and meetings charged at a set day rate of £150+vat.

2. Once the period of 30 days referred to in previous clause has been entered into any monies paid in the form of deposits

are non refundable.

Exclusion of liability

1. If the service and delivery of an event is not provided to the extent as outlined within the quotation, the client will have the

right to contest. The Company shall treat each case individually for the return and re-imbursement of funds. Delays and

reduction in the service and delivery due to factors beyond reasonable control the Company will not be liable for the

compensation to the client.

2. The Company cannot accept responsibility of any loss or damage to property and or equipment belonging to the client

other than as a direct result of personnel directly related to the Company.


Canapé delivery service

Cancellation and Refund Policy

1. If the client requires a refund on an order the Company requires 5 working days notice for a full refund, 3 working days for

a 50% refund with no refund being given after this point.


1. Deliveries will be made at any time up to 1hr before the event start time selected by the client on their order and the

Company requires a delivery window of 2 hours to account for traffic issues.

2. The Company will provide text message updates on the day with further messages should orders become delayed. The

Company does not accept responsibility for logistical disruption beyond the control of the Company.

3. Should the delivery window not be met, the Company will notify the client as soon as is reasonably possible. Late

deliveries will be taken on case-by-case basis with all factors relating to the later delivery being considered before any refund

full or part is considered.

Receipt of goods

1. Canapés are delivered in insulated chill pack cooled conditions and have a holding time in 21c degree conditions of 6

hours while fully sealed. While the Company recommends storing in a cool area, out of sunlight and away from sources of

heat until service, the Company cannot accept and liability or responsibility for products once the order has been delivered

and signed for.